Why are we here?


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Welcome, readers, to my little corner of the internet.  I named the site “Full of Wild Wonder” because I am, it’s my super power, and I want to share it with you. Part of my work in this lifetime, I think, is to be contagiously enthusiastic about the world around us – like a child – to notice and point out the wonder in our daily lives.

I had planned to write about the New Moon tonight, since it is the night of the New Moon in Gemini; but since I realize most of you won’t read this tonight, I’ll save that for next month.

Instead, let’s kick things off with a bang! Of all the things I do which others may consider “weird,” the weirdest by far is automatic writing.  I don’t do it often, but when I do my higher self/soul self/The Universe brings the wisdom. So, for your reading pleasure, here is one such message and my notes about it.

What do I know?

The Earth is my mother and father.  I am related to all that is.  The trees, plants, rocks, animals, waters, winds, all visible and invisible beings and forces – we all work together on this plain.  Our vibrations meet and interfere with or amplify one another.  Some vibrations are slow and steady, making up things we perceive to be solid. Some move a bit more quickly and appear to move , as in living creatures.  Some move so quickly as to seem insubstantial, as in light or wind.  All are real, only different in our perception.

This reflects some very basic understanding from my soul.  I object to words like “supernatural” or “paranormal” because they imply hierarchy and otherness.  If a thing exists, it is, by definition, natural.  There is no need to separate things we think we understand from things we don’t understand and/or deny in this way.  It is ALL natural.

Likewise there are even more fast-moving vibrations which most eyes can’t perceive – x-rays, radio waves, microwaves, etc.  These, too, are real but invisible.  Within these waves all colliding are interference patterns that create gateways to other realms, other beings we do not know or see, yet they are here, they are real too.  If only we could speed ourselves up, our souls could see them.

Our human bodies are our tools of perception.  We are limited by those tools to some extent, and not everyone has the same quality of tools.  Dogs can hear things that we humans cannot.  Bees can see ultraviolet light.  All of it is real, it just may not be in our personal experience or perceptive ability.model-1955513_1280

In this plain we move in bodies because we chose to live here.  We are learning from this life many things.  It is important to stay here for a time or many times as the case may be and not to lose focus on this plain.  Be here now. Do not seek to transcend this Earthly plain.  It is real and important, which is why we cam.  Be here now.

Too often when humans take a spiritual path they denigrate the body.  They become ascetics who deny the needs of and seek to transcend the body.  They become hermit monks or cloistered nuns who live outside of the larger society. They spend hours in meditation, speaking with angels, guides, star people, and they neglect their human experience.  We came into these human lives for a purpose, which I believe is to learn.  Explore and learn as much as you can from all kinds of experiences, but do not forget that you came into this incarnation in human form on purpose.


Feel the Earth beneath your feet, feel the unseen force of gravity acting upon your body.  Notice how your feet move the sand beneath them.  See the small creatures which are attracted to your breath which is also invisible but very real. Feel what is close to you without using your eyes to see.  Invisible but real, that feeling.  Hear the wind moving the air and the leaves of the trees.  Smell the forest and the smoke and the sea.  Invisible wind and air and scent but real none the less.  Let the wind take your hair and enjoy the feeling on your face.  Without this body that feeling could not exist.  Stroke a cat or dog or horse.  Feel how they feel beneath your hand.  Know that they feel your hand as well. We are here now together. This is important.  Hear the birds singing. The notes are invisible and the dog hears them differently from you.  Both perceptions are realities at once.  To you the song may be pleasant but meaningless.  To the birds it is a language.  Both realities are true simultaneously.  We are here together.  Who else is here?

We are in this together, each learning from our own perspective.  We learn from the knowledge that our perspectives differ as well.  This is empathy – the ability to put yourself in another’s shoes.  Surely this is one of the greatest lessons and tools we gain in this life!

Why is the easy question.  Why are we here? We are here to have this experience in this body.  To experience this reality among all of the others.  To learn what this feels like to us and maybe, hopefully, to perceive our effects on others.  To learn to live in harmony and understanding of all that is.  To know the limits of these bodies and the reality and value of time.  As souls without bodies there is no urgency or intensity to life.  We are immortal and cannot understand urgency or intensity from such a perspective.  So we come here in a body to learn.  It is beautiful.  It is a cycle, a circle.  There is no end or beginning alone. One cannot exist without the other.  One is not more important than another.  There is no hierarchy in a circle.  The circle is all.  The circle is reality.  We misperceive reality when we create hierarchy or our perceptions.  We can learn from that mistake but we must eventually realize that it is a mistake.  We is real. We are in the circle.  The circle is real.  Be here now.

For me this says that we each are here in the vessel we have chosen.  We are all needed here or we wouldn’t be here.  Our differences exist not to put one set of abilities ahead of another, but so that all of these abilities are available at once.  We can work as a team, each bringing a different strength to the table.  We are better together.


There you have it, dear readers – this is as weird as I get! They say you should go toward the thing that scares you, right?  Well this is pretty scary, guys.  I don’t even need all of my fingers to count the number of people who knew of this particular weirdness before now…I hope it helps and/or makes you think.

Can’t wait to read your comments!!

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