Book Review: Witch by Lisa Lister


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     I’ve been exploring Goddess cults and Wicca/Paganism for about 20 years now.  I’ve read a lot of books about witchcraft. Most are full of useful rituals, correspondences, some dogma, etc.  Some explore the Wiccan Mysteries, astrology, tarot, and/or herbal magick.  This is not that book! Well, I mean, it is, but it’s so much more.

     Lisa wants to #wakethewitches.  By this she means empowering women to follow their own paths, intuition and callings, stand in their power, and speak their truth.  As she says, “The witch represents the part of each of us that has been censored, ignored, punished and demonized.  And it’s a part that wants – no needs – to be accessed and fully expressed.”


     In her other books, //“>Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Superpowers, and Create a Bloody Amazing Life. Period. and //“>Love Your Lady Landscape: Trust Your Gut, Care for Down There, and Reclaim Your Fierce and Feminine SHE Power, Lisa talks about, well, your lady landscape and its mysteries.  There is a bit of that in //“>Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. too, emphasizing the pelvic bowl that holds (or did hold, or should have held) our female reproductive organs, which Lisa likens to a cauldron, our center of creativity and power.  It’s not overwhelming, though.  It doesn’t distract from the main theme of female spirituality by concentrating too much on biology.  At its core, Witch is a book which encourages women to embrace their sometimes mess and overwhelming feminine bodies and to incorporate them into our spiritual practice/thoughts – not ignore or overcome them.  Working with the natural cycles of the Earth and our bodies, rather than only trying to fit all of this juicy lusciousness into the neat little box society allows us to inhabit.

     And, yes, there are some great ideas for rituals, spells, and correspondences.  I particularly enjoyed the discussion of the use of teas and herbs for magick and healing.  There’s not a lot of it, but what there is comes from the wisdom passed down from Lisa’s Traveler grandmother – priceless.

     Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to all my friends, even if you already have a shelf full of Wicca books like I do.  Whether you think/feel that you’re a witch or not, you will find inspiration, empowerment and straight-talk in //“>Witch.  DO check it out!


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Mystic, nature lover, genealogist and witch here to put the "work" back in Lightworker.

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