Wild & Wonderful #1

Earlier this year I was taking the long way home, as I am wont to do, and I spied a pair of Red-tailed Hawks preparing their nest. I made a mental note to check back on them, and I was rewarded beyond my wildest dreams. If you pay attention, you never know what magic you might find…


This first picture was taken in March, shortly after I had noticed the pair. With my camera zoomed in all the way, I hoped to see something that I couldn’t see from the road.17211962_10211473445339347_5136843305321233253_o

And a couple of weeks later, I saw her (I presume) again:


I had hoped to see evidence of babies at that time, but I suspect they were newly hatched and not yet very mobile. Not to worry, because a couple of weeks after that, in mid-April…


Three little hawklets!! I was SO excited, I could hardly drive straight on the way home! Luckily, the road isn’t straight at all.

That night we had a huge (for us) thunder-storm with lots of wind and heavy rain, the last real storm of the season. My aunt, who had seen my photo, was so worried about the babies, but I knew their parents would protect them. I forced myself not to go back for another couple of weeks because I didn’t want to upset the parents. When I finally did go back, it was a very windy day, the branches swaying wildly. I could only see one nestling:


I was worried, but I thought the wind might be keeping them hunkered down in the nest. When I went back in early May, I found out I was right – and got a surprise!

18216845_10211993278294846_3004637834253771952_o (1)

FOUR babies!! And then Mama stopped in to check on them…


Isn’t she beautiful??!! These parents clearly know what they’re doing, and the abundance of ground squirrels this year surely helped to feed all these mouths.

The next time I looked, it was another windy day…


Only one baby visible, but doesn’t he/she look grown up with the big kid feathers? So I wasn’t surprised when I went back last week and saw this:


The nest is empty, but I learned on the internet that young hawks stay with their parents for 4-6 months while they learn to hunt for themselves. I so loved watching this everyday miracle unfold. I hope it makes you smile, take the scenic route more often, and notice the wonders that surround us. So grateful!!




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