Message #2


Message received through automatic writing:

Our world is in a time of great upheaval.  The old ways are rising in bold letters so that we can see them clearly, cannot hide them or misinterpret them.  We must now, as a group, see clearly the way things are now and have been.  It is up to us to decide if we cling to these ways or move toward a new way of being.  The Lightworkers are coming forth in droves now.  They know that the human world cannot continue as it is.  They rise as a foil to the old, angry, patriarchal ways.  They help everyone see the choice we have to make:  Love vs. Hate, Hope vs. Fear, Cooperation vs. War.  It’s not too late to change our fate.  The world can be saved but it must change, no matter what.  You choose for yourself:  Light or Destruction?

     We are all connected.  We are all one species on our only planet.  We are connected to every other part of the living world.  Our Mother holds us all close to her heart, but she is a mother.  She will not tolerate our misbehavior without consequence.


About Alicia

Mystic, nature lover, genealogist and witch here to put the "work" back in Lightworker.

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