Does this Western World work for you? Does it nourish your soul and support you in becoming your best self? Are you interested in exploring life through a lens of Nature Spirituality/Paganism? Would you like to be a part of a community concerned with self-improvement and bringing spirituality into daily life?

If your answers are, “No, no, yes and yes,” I hope you will keep reading!

My name is Alicia and I feel the same way.  Long ago, in another lifetime, it seems (read:  my late teens & early 20s), I answered these questions for myself and my life as a seeker began in earnest.  I’m still learning, of course, but after 20-odd years I’ve learned enough to feel like I can be a loving guide and sounding board to others, too.  I’m a mystic, a genealogist, a student, a quilter, a Light Worker, and a Wise Woman in training – a “Baby Grandma,” you could say. I’m relentlessly curious, optimistic, deeply spiritual, full of wild wonder and the natural predilection to encourage others.

The world as it is needs help.  We need more Love and Hope.  We need more Light Workers! If you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet you’re one of them.  My hope is that we can create a community here to support one another as we continue to learn and grow. I truly believe that together we can change the world. (Really!)

A note to the guys (if there are any here);

I’m a woman. I used to be a girl.  Of course my writing is going to be pretty woman-centric! I will talk about yucky girl things like periods, body image problems, childbirth and mother-imagery.  This is not to intentionally leave you out, it’s just my life experience.  If you can hang with it, you may learn some of the secrets of womanhood…if not, I’ll warn you about content that may make you uncomfortable at the beginning of the post so you can choose to skip it or read on.  Maybe there’s something you want us to know? I’m open to input and guest posts, too.

A note to everyone who chooses to join our community:

really want this to be a safe, supportive community, guys.  I will shut down any meanness or trolling.  We can have differing opinions and faiths without putting each other down.  Keep it clean and polite, please.

If you’ve made it this far, I invite you to begin with the Opening Ceremony.  It is intended to bring us all to this space with a Loving, heart-centered vibe.

Shine on, Light Workers!!

P.S. Let’s get interactive! Join me on social medial and ask me anything.  I really do want this to be a community in which we all participate.